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The central patio reflects, in all of its details, the sensibilities and good taste of the Franciscan Friars who occupied it, professing their Catholic faith into the very walls. Hotel Casa del Callejon’s excellent location permits the traveler to move easily in The Historic Center of Puebla (“World Heritage” by UNESCO since December 11th 1987), contains 2619 monuments, distributed across 391 blocks allocated over 6.9 square kilometers, making Puebla the city with the largest number of monuments in the Americas. Just walking for a few blocks from Casa del Callejon, you can see many grand religious structures, most notably the Chapel del Rosario and the Palafox Library, to mention a few. The Pueblan Talavera is on of the few Mexican products with protected designation rights of origin. Talavera is a type of ceramic that has been produced without interruption for more than four centuries. Making it one of the most important Folk Art Expressions of Mexico. Visitors will enjoy the Pueblan Gastronomy is one of the most diverse and exquisite in Mexico. Puebla has provided Mexico with its most traditional dish the Mole Poblano, the Chiles en Nogada, the Cemitas and Chalupas, among others. Many relevant historical events have occurred in the City of Puebla; for example the famous “Battle of 5 de Mayo” commemorated even outside of Mexico. The Battle took place in 1862 and in it the Mexican army defeated the French army (then considered the strongest of all). Furthermore, the city is birthplace of the Mexican Revolution, on November 18th 1910 the Serdan siblings were attacked at their house by the Mexican Government due to their subversive ideas and activities. The revolution movement spread across the country in the days after this attack.

Tourist Attractions
Visit the colonial wonders of a city’s heritage, by visiting the Cathedral, Town Hall, Zocalo(town square), Chapel of the Rosary and the Convent of San Francisco among others. Different sightseeing tours depart from the city of Puebla, archaeological, religious, natural and cultural, and in addition the Tour legends, acted at night on weekends. During the evening the panoramic view of the city of Puebla and the surrounding area from the Star of Puebla is spectacular.